I inspire audience members...

Travel to local and international destinations to deliver informative speeches that amplify truth and motivate the crowd to take action. In addition to speaking, I organize and present entertaining routines to reinforce our internal reward systems and encourage the discovery of new ideas through collaboration. 

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Be Relevant In A Life

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​I educate professionals...

Using creative learning tools, I provide in-person and online classes to assist professionals with their continuing education and licensing coursework. Curriculums have been prepared to stimulate open discussions and prevent attention loss. The following courses are available: Introduction to Personal Finance, Tax Planning, Retirement and Estate Planning, Investment Principles, Insurance Planning, and Corporate Finance Principles.

I work with clients...

Serve as a personal financial consultant to small business owners to ensure their personal finances are not swept into business  handlings; this is in addition to empowering their workforce to utilize benefit packages. Work alongside individuals and families to align their values, financial priorities, and income constraints with their wealth creation desires.

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Being relevant in a life (BRIALIFE) means being the kind of a person on whom others depend. Whether through servant leadership, business acumen or emotional support, my life's work is my contribution to you. 

Welcome to BRIALife, where all offerings from Bria Clark are available. 


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​The Finance 365 classes are made for people, at any age, interested in learning about specific areas of finance without enrolling into a degree program. ​​Finance 365 classes also cater to professionals in the insurance or investment industry preparing for state and licensing exams. 

Finance 365 Class​​



Our wholesome publications work to combat financial fragility by introducing monetary concepts using imaginative characters and rhyming words.

Throughout our line of children's stories, readers join into the adventures of ambitious young people looking to turn their negative circumstances into profitable business ventures. Click here to learn more about our first book, EMERGENCY FUND and download cool learning worksheets!

I write books... 

This line of children's books is dedicated to introducing the basic concepts of money management using diverse characters and interesting storylines. Each book is written to expose kids to financial vocabulary words and highlight the global reach of our taglines: #Finance365

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