Be relevant in a life

Financial education is a key driver for building wealth in our society. Most people learn money management in the same manner they learn to drive, which is from other people they know. This cycle promotes an information gap which can hinder the financial capability of people worldwide. In response to this epidemic, #BriaClark launched #Finance365, a daily finance educational program. 

The purpose #BeRelevantInALife is to share well-being and wealth creation information with the public. #BRIALife provides digestible bits of information, so overtime, users build a repository of financial information to recall in times of tough decision making.  #Finance365 uses repetition as a learning tool to encourage repeat behaviors to aid individuals in #HowToNotBeBroke. So often, the people needing the most help feel burdened by the thought of reaching out. By sharing messages daily over our social platforms, we’re importing healthy financial thought patterns into our viewers daily information absorption routine. 

Sharing the #BeRelevantInALife personal and business financial strategies create an engagement bridge. All people can obtain #AbundanceInAllAreas using #BRIALife resources. Take the anxiety out of learning, and navigate complex financial decisions using #Finance365