Be relevant in a life


Personal Paragraph

Ms. Bria Clark is an educator, speaker, and advisor with years of experience in the finance and technology services industries. She is an aluma of the Howard University School of Business, and was most recently recognized by the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development (SFE&PD) for her continuous financial literacy contributions. In addition to her educational advancements, she has earned a producers license, specializing in the lines of Life, Health & Sickness insurance.

In a continuous pursuit of her educational and service goals, Ms. Clark founded Be Relevant In A Life (BRIALife), a social capital company dedicated to sharing wealth creation and well-being tips. The BRIALife platform shares daily financial literacy messages with readers across multiple social pages. She works to “Be Relevant In A Life” using financial empowerment; she ensures encouragement is passed along to the individuals using her online platform,

Ms. Clark lives in the Southwest Waterfront development of Washington, DC. In her free time, she networks with DC residents and explores international travel experiences. Ms. Clark is most known for hosting educational workshops and providing financial planning recommendations to clients on a one-to-one basis.


By promoting healthy lifestyle choices and fostering an environment for creative potential to grow, topics such as financial health, social well-being, and motivation become available for discussion.  The BRIALife network is embarking on a world tour to access the abundance of personal finance knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of people across the world. These findings will be used to develop a personal finance education program that will contribute to significantly closing the financial literacy gap. 


I live "Finance 365 Days A Year" - my purpose in life is to help people not be broke. I believe my lifestyle can be used to inspire others to carve out a niche and go after experiences which will challenge old standards to activate untapped potential. My formula for success is to turn every idea into an offering, and present it to the world.​ I've learned, you never know what you do for someone just by being present. "Abundance In All Areas" is an aphorism I use to spread encouragement and push people to create change in all areas of their life.