100% Natural Body Scrub

RUBSCRUBS™ is an organic body scrub created to enhance the appearance of your skin. Each jar is intentionally packed with only natural ingredients to ensure your most private and sensitive body parts won't be irritated during your exfoliation session. 

Directions for Use: 

  1. Grab a handful of RUBSCRUBS.
  2. Massage RUBSCRUBS onto your skin.
  3. Using water, rinse RUBSCRUBS off.

​RUBSCRUBS™  promotes healthy, smooth, and refreshed skin!

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To collaborate with RUBSCRUBS™, leave a message above, and we will follow-up with you to discuss wholesale, retail, and brand ambassador working relationships. 


  • RETAIL - Whether your motivation is to optimize shelf space, enhancing your product offerings, or increase sales, introduce RUBSCRUBS™ into your establishment! Our retail display cases, available in white or black, will each hold 10 jars of RUBSCRUBS™ and include 10 customized gift bags.             


  • WHOLESALE - RUBSCRUBS™ has been prepackaged into pallets containing 30 individually wrapped RUBSCRUBS™ product boxes. These pallets have been designed specifically for warehouse storage, product tagging, and straightforward shipping!      

  • EVENTS - RUBSCRUBS™ selling partners are equipped with the "set-up" materials to minimize prep-time and maximize the use of the selling space. If you have an upcoming event, upload the details using the link below to share the details with our team!​     

  • E-COMMERCE Utilizing multiple online selling platforms has allowed RUBSCRUBS™ to attract a global audience and engage in same-day shipping! AmazonOfferUp, Facebook, Instagram.

RUBSCRUBS™ makes distributing and purchasing quick and easy. If you have any questions at all, we're a phone call away - ready to provide a genuine, personal, customer service experience.

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