Be relevant in a life

How to not

Be broke

#AbundanceInAllAreas is a state of well being. We channel our energy into spreading encouragement, performing community service, and promoting products that are developed to  to uplift people.


in all areas

From my heart

to yours

There is an element of finance in almost everything we do. The purpose of #Finance365 is to increase fiscal intelligence through a series of financial literacy learning aids that can be used everyday to propel wealth creation.

Finance 365

days a year

Society should be propelled to move forward despite adversity. The goal of #HowToNotBeBroke is to touch someone from every walk of life by outlining money management, self development, and business principles.

The phraseFrom My Heart To Yours  is laced into the long term vision for BRIALife, which is to host events to empower entrepreneurs, college students,  professionals, and everyday people to achieve abundance in all areas.